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Triton™ Water Driven Polishing Tool

Triton™ Water Driven Polishing Tool

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The Triton™

Water Driven Polishing Tool

Now introducing the fastest water-driven polishing tool with the most torque available…all while costing as much as 25% less than current tools! The Triton™ Water-Driven Polishing tool consists of high-grade aluminum and custom-made hardened stainless steel parts. The Triton™ is exhausted in a revolutionary way to reduce water overspray and keep the operator drier. This eliminates dust while providing the tool with the additional torque for any task. The Triton™ weighs only 3 lbs., yet provides 10,000-12,000 r.p.m.’s. In addition, the Triton™ is constructed of solid aluminum with no breakable weld points and has two high speed performance bearings.

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