Dolphin Group DG52-36 Ceramic Mosaic

Dolphin Group DG52-36 Ceramic Mosaic

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Dolphin Group DG52-36 Ceramic Mosaic is the flagship of the Custom Mosaics ceramic product lines. They are completely handcrafted by a team of artisans that have each had extensive training in the art of handmade tile; beginning with the creation of each tile to the rendering of the exquisitely detailed image. Custom Mosaics is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality frost proof porcelain tile mosaics, ceramic tile mosaics for swimming pools. We offer over three hundred and fifty in-stock designs ready for immediate shipping.

This group contains 4 separate mosaic tiles.

1-Blue Dolphin-A BD42-A - 36"x25"

2 - Blue Dolphin-BD43-B - 42"x18"

1 - Beach Ball BB44- 8"x8"